Alastair Laird

Born and raised in Durban, kwa-Zulu Natal, I knew that I wanted to be a cartoonist from about age three. I never put my koki’s down and was always working on a new comic book.
In high school was where my autobiographical strips began, at first, crafting characters based on class mates and teachers, and then different areas of my own personality. It was around this time I started to attend the Durban Cartoon Project and was exposed to work like Bitterkomix, Robert Crumb and a menagerie of similar underground cartoonists which heavily began to influence me.

I fondly remember my first humble contribution being published in Andy Mason’s Mamba Comix. Shortly thereafter l continued to self-publish my work after churning out piles of self-depreciation under the title ‘Sick Comix Mini theatre’ – which I continue to use to this day.
I then attended Durban University of Technology in the hopes of pursuing a career in Graphic Design, leaving two years later, for The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design which allowed me to concentrate on my stronger areas – such as cartooning and the practical, hands on side of the arts; graduating at the end of 2010 with The Platinum Award for Comic Book Artist of The Year, The Gold Award for Illustrator of the Year and The Award for Cartoonist of the Year.

I have illustrated for Mahala online as well as their print publication and, in recent months co-edited and been a regular contributor in the comic book ‘Free Beer’, alongside good friend and fellow cartoonist Warren Raysdorf.
The best part of it all is I draw pictures for a living.

Published Works
Mamba Comix #2 – ‘Sick Comix presents Deadly Cartoons’ p.12-15
Mamba Comix #3 – ‘Little Oinker Boy’ p.63
‘Amnesia’ p.64
‘Biff and Rick’ p.65
‘The Pigs That Loved the Mud’ p.66
‘Why is Everything Unfair?’ p.67
Mamba Comix #4 – ‘Figlio di Gotta’ p.38 & 39
Mamba Comix #5 – ‘Sketchbook pages’ p.4
All Published by Artworks Communications, editor Andy mason

Mahala #3 – ‘Amy’ p.78 & 79
Published and edited by Andy Davis

Free beer #1 – Cover Art
‘Flop’ p.2
‘Black Diamonds in the Rough’ p.4 & 5
Free Beer #2 – ‘The Kaya’ p.1
‘The Pub’ p.2, 3 & 5
‘So, You Wanna Make Out?’ p.9
Back Cover Art
Free beer #3 – ‘The legend of the Creepster’ p.2
‘Creepola’ p.8 & 9
Free Beer #4 – ‘ Stick to Comics, the Money Will Come’ p.1
‘Adult Dependent’ p.2 – 5
‘Randolph’ p.9
Free Beer #5 – ‘Parked In’ p.3
‘The Continuance of Reposition’ p.6 – 9
Free Beer #6 – Intoduction Page
‘Screw Love’ p. 3
‘Urine Trouble’ – p.7 -9 (with Luke Molver)
‘Randolph’ – p.12
‘Pipe Dreams with Roger Young’ p.19 (with Warren Raysdorf)
‘Visitations’ p.23
Published by Free Beer Comics co-edited by Alastair Laird and Warren Raysdorf
*Contributions continue although this record is to date Sep ‘11

External Links:
Sick Comix Mini Theatre
Free Beer Comics

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