Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology

Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology is a Fantasy & Scfi themed collaboration between 31 South African and Australian artists to create not only a fantastic read, but to also be a showpiece of the talent from both countries.

Velocity specifically focuses on the genre of Fantasy and Scifi/Steampunk. The power of fantasy and sci-fi lies in its ability to enable the artist to export problems/ideas/concept into alternate realities and explore these ideas freed from emotive ties to the real world …

Velocity exists to give the artists exactly that kind of leeway. The first issue will be launched in June in Australia, with a SA launch to follow. Velocity is now looking for submissions for future issues.

The Velocity Graphic Novel Anthology is organised by Moray Rhoda in SA and by Neville Howard in Australia.

See more of the art at and the organisors can be contacted at or


  1. Moray Rhoda wrote:

    Velocity Anthology SA launch will be happen at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival at the Co/Mix Pavilion (Thomas Pringle Hall, 1820 Settlers Monument) on Saturday 2 July at 17h00.

    Moray and some Velocity contributors will be there to meet the public and books will be on sale for the duration of the Festival.

  2. Wynand wrote:

    Nice resource! How can I share it on the social networks?

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