Daniël du Plessis

Daniël du Plessis is an artist, designer and illustrator and was born in 1980 in Pretoria, South Africa. He has been drawing comics for as long as it has been possible. He grew up on Tintin, Asterix, Sgt Rock and all the other comics that used to be available at local corner cafes.

His comic work has been published in several national and international publications, including Bitterkomix, i-Jusi and the BD Africa collection by Albin Michel. He currently contributes comics on a regular basis to the literature section of the Afrikaans language Sunday paper Rapport, and produced comics for the local film ‘Superhelde’. In 2010 he won a prize in the Fumetto Comic Competition in Lucerne, Switzerland.

He lectures at a private design college, collects indigenous trees and succulent plants and has a keen interest in local fauna and flora. He lives and works in Pretoria, South Africa, with his partner Yolanda, a cat, Busta, and two Africanis dogs, Nandi and Laika.

Published Works
Superhelde, illustrations for the motion picture, April 2011, The Film Factory.
Nuwe Valentynsvoels van anderste vere, Reta Smit Boeke-Rapport February 2011
Drie Marais stig ‘n Band, Annie Klopper, Boeke-Rapport December 2010
Die Skrif is aan die Muur, Pieter Hugo, Boeke-Rapport November 2010
Makulu Hopaan, in i-Jusi #25, October 2010. Durban: Orange Juice Design
Skattige Katjies, Pieter Hugo, Boeke-Rapport July 2010
Afrikaans in die Hiernamaals, Pieter Hugo, Boeke-Rapport June 2010
Grensdrade, Reta Smit, Boeke-Rapport April 2010
Om Grafies aan Brink te Dink, Reta Smit, Boeke-Rapport February 2010
Moenie dat die grootmense hoor nie, Francois Bloemhof. 2009. Cape Town: Tafelberg
Virus, Jaco Jacobs. 2009. Pretoria: Lapa Uitgewers
Generation X word 30, in Insig boeke, March 2009.
Jane Austen, Philip de Vos. Boeke-Rapport October 2009
Blokman Uys, in Pomp vol 1. 2008. Pretoria: Griffel Media
Satan quoting scripture, in The Laugh it Off Annual 3. 2006. Cape Town: Laugh it Off
Alien nation, in BD Africa. Les Africains dessinent l’Afrique. 2005. Paris: Albin Michel
Homo Floriensiasis christ, in Bitterkomix 14. 2005. Stellenbosch: Bitterkomix
Die mens se liggaam, in Spilpunt 3. 2005. Pretoria: Spilpunt
Okapi, in SL magazine. March 2005 to November 2005. Johannesburg: Intelligence Publishing
Joe in SL magazine. June 2004 to February 2005. Johannesburg: Intelligence Publishing
Laat-steentyperk, in Stripshow 2. 2004. Stellenbosch: Strip Art Project
Affection, in Stripshow 2. 2004. Stellenbosch: Strip Art Project
Edz and Daan’s experiments behind the shed, in Bitter-jusi 2. 2004. Durban: Orange Juice Design
Grim broers, in Spilpunt 1. 2004. Pretoria: Spilpunt
So stil soos ’n landmyn, in Bitterkomix 13. 2004. Stellenbosch: Bitterkomix
Landmyne: het u geweet?, in Bitterkomix 13. 2004. Stellenbosch: Bitterkomix
Michael Jackson, in Bitterkomix 13. 2004. Stellenbosch: Bitterkomix
Make tracks, in Africa Comics 2003. 2003. Bologna: Edizioni Lai-momo
Space dust, in Africa Comics 2002. 2002. Bologna: Edizioni Lai-momo
Boere temple, in Bitterkomix 11. 2001. Stellenbosch: Bitterkomix

Fumetto, 2010, Naked ape, 3rd prize, category 1 (over 18)
Africa e Mediterraneo, 2003, Make tracks, special mention
Africa e Mediterraneo, 2002, Space dust, category winner

External links

www.lekkercomics.co.za – website and portfolio – download PDFs of Daan’s comics.


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