Luke Molver

After being born at a very early age, Luke W. Molver was raised by a pack of feral cockroaches in the seedy underbelly of slumburban Durban. Upon completing his degree in Graphic Design, he realized he hated Graphic Design and vowed never again to hawk his soul to fat little corporations wanting logos for their diabetic vegetarian low-calorie toothpaste.
Instead, he threw himself into comics and illustration, which he reckoned gave him slightly more creative freedom. An eternal freelancer who gets violent diarrhoea from the idea of a 9-5 workday, Luke has worked for a wide variety of clients – including the United Nations, the Mafia, and the Devil. He remains underpaid, under-appreciated and undernourished, eking out a cynicism-fuelled existence on the mean streets of Durban.

He hopes that one day people will pay him obscene amounts to write down all the twisted, perverted thoughts that fester quietly in his addled brain. He is also a rapper, because he cannot sing. Up until a few weeks ago, he thought a ‘blog’ was some kind of sinus infection. He has multiple compound eyes and black acid blood.

Published works:
“Descent of the Crows”, Mamba Comix Vol. 2
“Seven Minutes”, Mamba Comix Vol. 3
“Billy & Evangeline”, Mamba Comix Vol. 4
“Glug Glug”, Mamba Comix Vol. 5

(All published by Artworks Communications, editor: Andy Mason)

“Kid Kwashiorkor & The Blue Box”, Laugh It Off Annual Vol. 1
“Chicks”, Laugh It Off Annual Vol. 2
“Blue Box Pt. II”, Laugh It Off Annual Vol. 3
“Nineteen Septembers”, Laugh It Off Annual Vol. 4

(Published by Laugh It Off Media)

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  1. Tyron wrote:

    Awesome work! Luke is a mystery man. A man to be feared. A man to hide your daughters from and hope your son’s aspire to be like. He is a true legend of Durban… like a bunnychow.

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