Walt Barna

My name is Walter Barna and I’m a self taught comic artist, illustrator and animator currently residing in Zimbabwe.
I’m a full-time freelance artist specializing in cover illustrations, children’s books, comic books, concept art and animation. I’m heavily influenced by artist like Alex Horley, Frank Frazzetta, Simon Bisley, Joe Madureira, to name but a few.  I used to paint with traditional media up until 2009, that was until I got a hold of ImagineFX magazine.

I was blown away by the digital paintings and shocked that one could paint with Photoshop or Painter.  I decided to give it a try using open source software like Gimp and an ordinary mouse. Because of my experience with traditional media, learning to paint digitally wasn’t difficult.

Published works:
Luthando – illustrations for USAID
Lemmy an Bruno – Children’s Book published by Creative Centre
Various Covers for the RPG game Deadlands published by Pinnacle Entertaiment Group
A cover for a novel by Danielle Raver published by Fantasy Island Book Publishing

External links:
Website: www.wbspectre.deviantart.com
Interview: http://www.game-sait.com/index.php/item/44-walter-barna-interview-updated-artwork.html


  1. Awesome work Walter

  2. Walter wrote:

    Thanks Rayaan!, really appreciate it :)

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