Willem Samuel

Willem Samuel was born in 1983 in Kroonstad, Freestate. Started drawing from an early age and always aspired to be an artist. Moved to Cape Town in 1993 and finished school at Jan Van Riebeeck in 2001 and went on to complete a 4 year degree in Fine Arts at Stellenbosch where he got his work published in Bitterkomix 13. After studying he went on to work for the comic production studio Strika Entertainment and is currently art director overseeing the creation of the widely distributed Supa Strikas.

Published Works
“Koffie Date 2003″ – Bitterkomix Issue 13 2003 – 4 page Black & White
“Waar Blinde Bome Beef” – Stripshow Issue 2 2005 – 4 Page Black & White
“Last Trumpet” – Laugh it Off Annual 2006 – 4 Page Black & White
“Street Kid” – Lifegate/Goodsheperd 2008 – 4 Page Black & White
Comix35 (http://www.comix35.org/africa_project3.html)
“Autocomic 3″ – Laugh it Off Annual 2010 – 1 Page Colour
“Sexualite’ Pre’coce” Written by: Ivanova Nono Fotso, Éclats: Bandes Dessinées d’Afrique 2011, 4 Page Black & White, Publications pour la Jeunesse Africaine (PJA)

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  1. Yolandi wrote:

    Hi Mr Samuel

    I am Graphic Designer 2de year and have to do a project on our Personal Artist.
    I would love to ask you a few Questions.
    Please reply soon.


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